The LQ Solution

Harnessing New Technology

Developed by Quest/MIT using deep learning from 50 million case studies, these new technologies use existing medical records and focuses on complex interdependencies between body systems using sophisticated data analytics.

Medical records that are searched include a prescription history database that contains over 90% of those dispensed in the country as well as the combined diagnostic test records of the country’s two largest testing organizations – Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp.

This technology can predict over 300 Potential Conditions across most ICD-10 categories with scientific probability and contributing factors.

Undiscovered (“cryptic risk”) Potential Conditions can be emerging or severe

  • 6% are severe Cryptic Risk individuals
  • 30%–40% have at least one Cryptic Risk

Enterprise-level and individual reports feature a patented ranking of individual longevity wellness, and compares to assumed or desired rank (your “rank gap”).

Solution Step 1: Measure Rank Gap

Uses scientific risk analytics to calculate patented longevity wellness percentile for each individual as well as the Scientific Best, Population Median and Bottom 1% for that age and biological gender. Each individual indicates where they think they rank and where they desire to rank. The difference from where they actually rank is their “rank gap”.

Solution Step 2: Identify Cryptic Risks

Typical healthcare tools and cost review tell you what has already happened. LongevityQuest provides lead indicator intelligence by identifying emerging and severe Cryptic Risks from existing records.

Solution Step 3: Engage

Review your Analysis with you physician, especially if you have any severe “cryptic risk” Potential Conditions. LQ can coordinate with employer population health management program third parties (or can recommend one).

Solution Step 4: Measure for Impact

Lead indicator intelligence and patented wellness ranking for the individual & organization provide measurement tools never before available. Track your rank and Potential Conditions over time to see if your efforts are paying off. Sponsors can use this to hold vendors accountable for results before the bad news arrives.

“Find the expensive & life changing issues and deal with them before they become expensive & life changing.”