LongevityQuest® encourages and empowers people to pursue a long, good life. We help organizations improve employee health and reduce costs by intelligently managing what has previously been unknowable. Our innovative myLQAnalysis® reports provide individuals with a patented ranking compared to personal goals and others, and a comprehensive analysis of risk factors that may be impacting wellness and longevity — all from the convenience and confidentiality of home.

Steve Briggs

Steve Briggs

Larry Adams

Larry Adams


Our Mission

To help you understand your health, how well you are doing – to help you plan for a long, good life.

My child, listen to me and do as I say, and you will have a long, good life.

Proverbs 4:10 NLT

Our Core Values

Our core values help us focus on serving our customers well:

1. Help First

Our goal is to help you target living a long, good life, and to help you understand where you stand today.

Our myLQAnalysis is a customized, scientific and confidential look at your personal longevity that uses a proprietary rank process (U.S. Pat. No. 10,580,077) available only through LongevityQuest. It uses an extensive, multi-year search of prescription drug databases and diagnostic test records performed by the nation’s largest testing companies, and then analyzes those results by using deep insights from reviews of millions of individual cases.

2. Be Real

We don’t make a bunch of promises. We are what we are: an analytical tool that can help you accurately assess where you stand and find potential conditions that will improve your chances of living a long life. We believe it is the best tool available because it is personal to your specific profile, it is confidential, and it uses new insights that are often missed by common practices in healthcare today.

Research shows almost 6% of the population will find they are in a much higher risk group than they, and maybe even their physicians or other advisors, believe. The myLQAnalysis provides valuable insights that can be shared with healthcare providers so you can work with your physician to overcome whatever obstacles you may face. You can’t work on what you don’t know is wrong.

Your Analysis is not a diagnosis – we don’t do that. That is for your physician.

We will tell you the truth. If you are in a high risk group we will give you an honest report. If the myLQAnalysis isn’t applicable to you, we will tell you – and we advise to not even take the test if you have a terminal illness or could have certain lifestyle risks (such as illicit drug use or avocations). Our report is invalid in those situations – so don’t waste your money and time. But come back later when you are ready!

3. Simplify

Healthcare can be complicated, and knowing how you are doing is elusive. Our patented myLQRank provides an easy way to know, to compare to others your age, and to see how you are doing over time.

If you ever feel our actions are contrary to our values – please let us know. We will fix problems quickly, and will thank you for telling us.

Our Story

Our story is simple. We spent our lives in the life insurance industry where most of the insights into measuring longevity and wellness risk exist. Who would better know with precision, statistically speaking? We decided our longevity insights, and the technologies used to quantify those risks, could be made available to individuals whether they are interested in insurance or not. What a great and appropriate place to start any planning .

We know there are some who are not interested in knowing how well they are doing but most of us want to know so we can begin to work on improving – so we can enjoy life with our families and friends for a long time.

We plan to listen like crazy to our customers, so please talk to us and let us know what else you want from us. We will keep it simple and we want to help – that’s who we are.

Steve is Founder, and President of Petra Life services, Inc. and also Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Longevity Quest, Inc. Petra Life is a unique life insurance consultancy coupling unique insights with simplifying concepts in the insurance market. Longevity Quest produces an individualized, patented longevity analysis that is invaluable in wellness management for employers and in multiple planning disciplines where understanding longevity risk is essential.

Prior to forming Petra Life and Longevity Quest, he served for almost 40 years with Protective Life Insurance Company in Birmingham, Alabama before he retired as their Executive Vice President, Life and Annuity Division. He started work at Protective Life as a student actuary in 1969 while working on his BA in Mathematics at Birmingham-Southern College. He became a commission-based life insurance agent in 1977 and qualified for the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table in his first six months and is a Life Member. In 1979 he became the manager of the local Protective Life Agency and led them to become one of the top performing agencies for the company. He was Founder and CEO of First Protective Insurance Group when the company changed strategy and moved to an entirely independent sales force. First Protective was the leading regional operation for the company and was later purchased by Protective Life when he returned to the company in 1986 to head the Individual Life Division.

During his tenure at Protective, the company grew from being a regional company to one of the industry’s largest, as a top 5 producer of term life products and known for innovation in product design and distributor relationship management. He served the industry as a Board member of various organizations, including LIMRA and LOMA, local chapters of NALU (now NAIFA), GAMA and CLU.

After his retirement from Protective Life he established an insurance consultancy, Petra Life Services, to provide the option of fee based advice for life, disability and long term care insurance. He also co-founded Longevity Quest, Inc.

He currently serves as Chairman of the Board of First US Bank, was formerly Lead Director of the American United Mutual Insurance Holding Company and as a Board member of Time Traveler Backups. He was a founding Board member and the second President of the Alabama Planned Giving Council, and has been involved in numerous corporate, religious, civic and philanthropic organizations, including United Way of Central Alabama, Junior Achievement, The Foundry Ministries and Scholarships for Kids.

He and his wife Lynn founded and launched the Addiction Prevention Coalition, a local non-profit that focuses on educating and supporting families affected by drug and alcohol addiction. In 2019 he was recognized as the Outstanding Professional Advisor on National Philanthropy Day by the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham.

Steve and Lynn have three children, Alex, Stephen and Lacey and ten grandchildren He has also served his church in various capacities including elder, deacon, and teacher. Lynn and he are currently members of Church of the Highlands.

Larry is Co-founder, President and Chief Operating Officer of Longevity Quest and consultant with Petra Life Services. He began his career in the life insurance industry in 1982 as a career agent in the Birmingham Agency of Protective Life. Qualifying for many company and industry awards as an agent, he was a founding member of Protective’s largest regional organization, First Protective, and helped that distribution company become one of the industry’s most successful.

In 1986, he joined Protective Life’s home office as Director of Field Development, and soon became responsible for Marketing Services & Advanced Underwriting & Planning. He was then given responsibility for national sales, distribution and financial management for over 100 independent regional offices and 10,000 independent producers – a role he held for many years until he joined Ohio National Financial Services in Cincinnati, Ohio as Senior Vice President & Chief Agency Officer.

In that role he had line responsibility (profitability, distribution, product line management, sales support and producer development) for all life insurance, annuity and disability income efforts throughout the country. Operating metrics exceeded targets in all categories each year, growing the footprint to 40 corporate regional offices, 100 General Agencies and 20,000 producers in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, performing at the 92nd percentile of peer group and moving Ohio National from 33rd to 24th largest writer of life insurance in the industry.

After several years in Cincinnati, he and his wife Celia relocated back to Alabama to be closer to their growing family and to create Longevity Quest.

He served the insurance industry as a member of the Life Insurance Marketing Research Association’s Strategic Marketing Issues Committee and the Distribution Leaders Round Table, the American Council of Life Insurers’ Distribution Committee, The Life Insurance Foundation for Ethics Company Advisory Council, and is a frequent speaker at industry events. He has also served on the boards and various committees of a number of educational, civic and religious organizations, including his alma mater’s foundation and its College of Business Board of Advisors (current chair). He was his alma mater’s first All-American athlete (golf) and was named to successive Academic All-American teams.

Larry and Celia have been married for over 40 years and have two children and five grandkids who all live nearby. They are members at Cahaba Park Church.